New Parrotplus firmware released

Published: Mar 12th, 2012

We have recently updated the firmware running on the Parrotplus to revision 3.02. This new firmware includes a number of enhancements over previous revisions.

Revision 3.02 resolves an issue with the test calibration tone. On some 2 speaker units (Parrotplus 2), the calibration test tone was presented at a lower level than expected. The calibration tone from the second speaker was correct (60 dB). Single speaker Parrotplus units are unaffected by this issue.

Other enhancements include:

The calibration test tone now lasts longer making a calibration check easier to perform. Additionally, following the main speaker calibration check, the user must now press a key to play the calibration tone on the remote speaker. This gives the user the time to redirect the microphone of the sound level meter to face the remote speaker.

A menu option has now been added to allow the remote speaker to be setup 100 cm  from the subject rather than  75 cm. The output level for the remote speaker is adjusted to compensate for this increase in distance.

Changes have been made to the Chear test setup menu to make it consistent with the other tests.

We recommend that all Parrotplus 2 users upgrade to version 3.02 and we will be contacting them shortly to arrange for a free upgrade. We can perform this update very quickly and only need the handset to be returned to us