Noise Cube Updates

Published: Nov 21st, 2022

Following on from the official launch of the noise cube earlier this year, we are pleased to announce a number of important updates.

In order to make the Noise Cube more versatile, we have added a number of new sound types. These will allow users to perform a range of tests beyond simply producing background noise. The additions so far are:

  • Animal Sounds
  • Ling Sounds
  • Warble Tones

We have also added a feature to the play screen to allow the user ti switch the output stepping from 5dB per step, to 1 dB per step. This will allow the user to fine tune the output when required.

Finally, we have added a handle to the top of the speaker housing making the Cube much easier to get hold of when moving it around.

If you are already a Noise Cube user, and wish to add these features to your Cube, please contact us at