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We have a range of products designed to meet a wide range of testing regimes.

The Parrot is the simplest device to use, featuring just one test per handset. The keypad is customised specifically for each test programmed. We can supply multiple handsets with the Parrot system (up to a maximum of 4) and you are free to select any of the available tests. The system is supplied in a rigid plastic carry case offering good protection for transport. The Parrot will only perform speech tests in quiet. For further details, visit our Parrot product page.

The Phoenix is a larger device and is intended to be clinic based. The Phoenix is programmed to perform the McCormick Toy Test in quiet or in wideband noise using an algorithm developed by the Institute of Hearing Research to produce a hearing threshold score. For further details, visit our Phoenix product pages.

The Parrotplus and Parrotplus 2 are our latest products and use a new menu driven system to allow multiple tests to exist on a single handset.  Although more complex than the Parrot, the Parrotplus is still easy to use, yet offers great flexibility in the way that the tests are performed.  The Parrotplus and the Parrotplus 2 are able to perform speech in quiet and speech in noise.  Many of the tests have the option of choosing between wideband noise, adult speech babble or child speech babble for the background noise.  The Parrotplus has a single speaker, and the Parrotplus 2 has two speakers so that the user can separate the source of speech from the source of noise. For further details of the Parrotplus and Parrotplus 2, visit our Parrotplus product pages.

The table below shows which word lists are available on each of our products.

ParrotPhoenixParrotplus and
Parrotplus 2
McCormick Toy Test
EAL Toy Test
Manchester Picture Test
Manchester Junior Word List
AB Short Word List
Chear APT
Chear CCT
Ling 6
BKB Sentence Test