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Easy to use constant background noise

The Noise Cube has been developed to add speech in noise (SIN) testing capability to our Parrot system and as an alternative noise source for Parrotplus users who prefer a constant background noise during testing rather than the ‘burst noise’ of the Parrotplus.  This battery powered stand-alone device generates continuous noise between 35dB(A) and 70dB(A) at preset durations of up to 15 minutes.  The noise can also be stopped and restarted at any time by the user.

There are 4 noise types built in: wideband noise, narrowband noise, adult babble noise and classroom babble noise.  As ever, we are always open to suggestions for additional noise types to add.

  • Parrot Noise Source

The Noise Cube is very easy to set up and use.  The speaker enclosure has a touch screen on the rear of the housing.  This shows a Menu.  After switching the unit on simply select the type of noise you require, then select the output level and maximum duration.  Press the ‘Play’ button and the noise will begin.  If at any point during testing you wish to stop the noise, simply tap the screen.

The internal battery will power the unit for several hours, but you can also run the Noise Cube from a mains supply through the battery charger.