Noise Cube Specification

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The Noise Cube is a self powered device providing constant background noise for Speech in Noise testing.  It was designed primarily for use with our Parrot and Parrotplus systems, but can be used with any other speech source.  The full specifications of the device can be found below.

Noise Cube Mechanical Specification
Dimensions127mm x 120mm x 130mm (WxDxH)
Weight980g approx
Power source3.7v 2000mAh Li polymer battery
Driver units1 x 10cm dual cone driver
Frequency response95 - 22000Hz (-10dB)
Noise Cube Electrical Specification
Sampling frequency41kHz
Audio memory1GB TransFlash
Coding methodPCM/MP3
Output range35 - 75dB(A) in 5dB steps
measured @ 75 cms
Noises availableWideband noise
Narrowband noise
Adult babble
Classroom babble
Calibration noiseWideband noise (60dB)
Display2.75 inch resistive full colour touchscreen display
640 x 320 pixels
Charger5v mini USB input.
Built in 300mA charging circuit with auto shutdown when battery is fully charged