Parrotplus Customisation

Regional accents

Some of our customers have recorded regional accents for some of the tests on their Parrotplus systems. This is particularly important for regions where very strong accents may influence a child’s recognition of the spoken test items. As the Parrotplus is so versatile, we can quite easily add this type of customisation.

Our Samples page lists all of our existing accents and tests currently available, and lets you hear a sample of each. If you wish to include a existing regonal accent test on your Parrotlus, we can do his at no additional cost. You just specify the test and accent at the time of order.

If you would like to customise a Parrotplus with a new regional accent, we require a good quality digital recording with no background noise. We can provide a recording device and microphone if requied. We will provide a script and you can record both male and female voices. We will then balance and edit the ecording and programme it into your Parrotplus system. This service is available for any of our ParrotPlus tests except the BKB test. There is a customisation charge of £150 per test for this service.

Foreign language tests

We have recorded a Polish and Slavic speaker performing the McCormick and EAL tests. Whilst these are not phonetically balanced and so cannot identify a hearing loss, they are useful for verification and illustration to parents and teachers of the benefit of hearing aids. These can be Programmed onto any Parrotplus system in addition to the English version of the tests.

Our samples page lists all of the foreign language tests currently available and lets you hear a sample of each.

We are very keen to develop the foreign language capabilities of the Parrotlus further. If you have any test recordings or ideas that you would like to see on a Parrotplus, please contact us.