Parrotplus description

The Parrotplus is able to contain a variety of tests on a single handset.  In addition, most tests can be performed in silence or in a choice of background noise (wideband, adult babble and child babble).

Additional tests can be easily added to your Parrotplus.  We expect that the range of tests will expand over time and we hope to include some sentence tests and foreign language tests in the near future.

The Parrotplus is fully menu driven allowing the user to easily select the test and background noise to perform. The user can then select male or female voice, automatic or manual presentation, fixed or random carrier phrase etc.  These are all selected via the test setup menus which can be accessed at any time.

There are also specific keys for changing the speech presentation and noise presentation levels (in 5 dB steps).

The Parrotplus uses a single speaker as the source of both speech and noise.  This makes for a compact and simple test setup.  The Parrotplus 2 adds a second speaker allowing the user to separate the speech and noise sources.  This is particularly useful when testing FM systems.

The complete system is housed in a soft carry case for easy transportation.  In use the Parrotplus can either run off its own internal re-chargeable battery, or from the mains adapter supplied.

Here is a set of screen shots demonstrating the flexibility of the menu system used in the Parrotplus.