Parrot Description

The Parrot system consists of a speaker and connecting cable along with one or more handsets. Each handset is customised to perform a specific test and comes complete with the test materials required to conduct that test. The system is contained within a carry case which can house up to 4 handsets.

The Parrot is easy to use. Simply connect the handset to the speaker using the connecting lead supplied. Set the speaker 75 cm from the child using the distance guides marked on the cable. Set the dB dial to the required level and begin the test. Pressing a key on the Parrot keypad will produce one of the pre-programmed phrases at the set level.

The Parrot offers many advantages over live voice testing – the most important of which is accuracy. Live voice testing is subject to many speaker dependent variables. These include: accent, error in presentation level, the speaker having a cold on the day of the test.  The Parrot uses digitally recorded and balanced male and female human voices which will sound the same each time a test is conducted.  This allows meaningful comparisons between testers over time. This is essential during the period of ‘watchful waiting’ advocated by the Department of Health for the treatment of Glue Ear.  By using a Parrot, you are able to guarantee the accuracy of your test data.

With the range of tests available, any child with a mental age of two and over will be able to respond to this test. The Parrot gives you the freedom to concentrate fully on the child’s responses without having to worry about presenting your own voice at the test level. It also gives parents the re-assurance that the test is being performed effectively and consistently.

The Parrot has been proven by independent evaluation, and used by the Children’s Hearing Assessment Centre in Nottingham, Great Ormond Street Hospital and over 300 Audiology Services nationwide.

Each test requires a separate handset and these are customised with a keypad specifically for the selected test. Examples of the keypads are shown below. The carry case supplied with the Parrot can house up to four handsets.