Parrot specification

This is the complete specification for the Parrot Speech Discrimination Tester.  Due to our policy of continuous development, these specifications are subject to change.

Sampling frequency32 kHz
Speech memory4 Mbit
Coding method4 bit ADPCM
Accuracy2 dB
Range40-80 in 10 dB steps
or 30-70 in 10 dB steps
Tests availableMcCormick Toy Test
English as an Additional Language Toy Test
AB Short Word List
Manchester Picture Test
Manchester Junior Word List
Calibration noise1 kHz narrow band noise
Keypad16 key printed membrane keypad
dimensions200mm x 150mm x 90mm
power source6v 1.2Ah long life SLA battery
driver units1 x 80mm Base Unit
1 x 25mm Tweeter
Frequency Response100 Hz - 20 kHz
Battery Charger
Charging Voltage7.2v Bulk charge
6.9v Float charge
led indicators for bulk, float and fault conditions
Charging Current300 mA max
Carry case
Overall dimensions440mm x 390mmx 105mm
Overall weight5 KG (not including test materials)
ContentsMachined high density foam with cut outs for handset(s), speaker, battery charger and box of toys/set of pictures