We have been using the recorded Ling sounds with the Parrotplus for the past 6 months and found them very useful when evaluating the children’s frequency equivalent speech sound perception with frequency specific hearing loss. We are also able to demonstrate to parents which sounds the child is missing out as some parents find it difficult to see the effect of hearing loss if the child responds to speech well because of normal hearing levels in some frequencies.

Dr Sebastian Hendricks
Consultant Audiovestibular Physician & Paediatrician
Nuffield Hearing & Speech Centre, Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital

Initially slightly sceptic as to whether the Parrotplus would be a useful addition to the testing battery, now delighted and find that it is definitely a useful addition to our test battery. The children love the stickers as well!

Dr Fiona Brown
SCMO, Hamilton, Lanarkshire

I have found the Parrotplus to be incredibly helpful in my role as an Educational Audiologist for many reasons:

  • Having the tests recorded and calibrated on the Parrotplus means that I can be confident the tests are administered at consistent levels, which requires much practice when using live voice!
  • The range of tests available is extensive and means that there is something suitable for all ages and abilities, and also some tests (such as the CHEAR tests) will allow for much closer examination of what a listener is able to hear and discriminate.
  • Having all the tests in one handset is very convenient, and the menus are easy to navigate to get the settings you want.
  • The portability allows me to take the kit into different clinics easily, where it is used to verify hearing levels for speech, and makes a valuable contribution to the overall assessment of a child’s hearing. It can also be taken out to schools to carry out tests when not possible in clinic settings. This is particularly helpful for verifying new hearing aids or settings once the child has had time to get used to them without the child having to return to the clinic. This is particularly valuable in the more rural parts of the county.
  • The background noise feature has been useful to illustrate the signal to noise ratio. Listeners need to hear speech clearly, particularly to staff supporting the child and to illustrate the advantage of an FM system.
  • The score sheets included are clear and easy to use.

All in all I have found the Parrotplus to be an invaluable part of the assessment of children’s hearing; it is portable, quick and easy to set up and use, has tests suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities and sound levels are consistent. All of these are essential criteria for equipment used in my role as a travelling Educational Audiologist.

Sam Bealing
Educational Audiologist
Dorset Hearing and Vision Support Service